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Laboratory 43. The Female Pelvis
Step 13. Branches of Internal Iliac Artery

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Helpful mnemonic is the "bridge over the water", which indicates the inferior position of the ureter (water) to the uterine artery which pass above (superior) to it.

  • inferior vesical artery supplies the posterolateral wall of the bladder.
  • middle rectal artery supplies the distal part of the rectum and superior part of the anal canal. The rectum is additionally supplied by branches of the superior rectal artery and anal canal by branches of the inferior rectal artery.
  • internal pudendal artery passes through the greater sciatic foramen near the ischial spine. Its course distal to this point was described previously ( see Laboratory Forty-One).
  • inferior gluteal artery also passes through the greater sciatic foramen into the gluteal region.

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