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Laboratory 43. The Female Pelvis
Step 5. The Ovary

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Identify the ovaries [left] [right] that usually lie in shallow depressions, called ovarian fossae, on the posterolateral wall of the pelvis. The ovary is an oval organ attached to the broad ligament by the mesovarium. It also attached via the suspensory ligament of the ovary to the lateral pelvic wall, and by the ovarian ligament to the uterus. Examine the surface of the ovary and attempt to identify the Graafian follicles that bulge on its surface.

Note: Graafian follicles are not present in postmenopausal females, therefore they may not be present in most female cadavers.

Section the ovary and examine its cut surface. Identify the Graafian follicles and corpus luteum within the ovarian stroma.

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