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Laboratory 42. The Male Perineum and the Penis
Step 6. Deep Vessels and Nerves of the Penis

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Continue to dissect the dorsal aspect of the penis. Identify the deep fascia of the penis (Buck's fascia). This fascia envelops the body of the penis from the corona of the glans penis anteriorly to the ischiopubic rami and inferior fascia of the urogenital diaphragm posteriorly. Make an incision through the deep fascia of the penis and identify the vessels and nerves of the penis located beneath the Buck's fascia.

The deep dorsal vein of the penis is located in the midline. Lateral to the vein on both sides, identify the two dorsal arteries of the penis [right ] [left ]. Lateral to each artery, identify the dorsal nerves of the penis [right] [left].

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