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Laboratory 42. The Male Perineum and the Penis
Step 1. The Surface Anatomy of the Penis

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Examine the penis. It consists of a fixed posterior segment or the root of the penis within the urogenital triangle and a pendulous anterior segment called the body of the penis. Identify the dorsal surface of the body of the penis, which is located anteriorly, and its ventral surface, which is in contact with the scrotum.

Identify the slitlike opening of the urethra, the external urethral orifice, in the rounded distal end of the penis, the glans penis . The expanded most distal portion of the urethra is the navicular fossa. At the base of the glans penis, identify the corona of the glans that encircles it. In many men the prepuce, or foreskin, has been removed by circumcision. If the prepuce is present, identify it. Finally, identify the frenulum of the penis, the fold of skin which attaches the prepuce to the ventral surface of the glans penis [indicated by forceps].

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