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Laboratory 40. Posterior Abdominal Wall
Step 17. Nerves of the Lumbar Plexus

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  • lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (L2, L3) passes inferiorly and laterally to the iliohypogastric nerve and ilioinguinal nerve across the iliacus muscle.
  • femoral nerve (L2, L3, L4) is located in the groove between the psoas major muscle and the iliacus muscle.
  • genitofemoral nerve (L1, L2) is located on the anterior surface of the psoas major muscle.
  • obturator nerve (L2, L3, L4) passes through the obturator canal and lies on the medial side of the psoas major muscle.
  • lumbosacral trunk (L4, L5) lies on the anterior surface of the sacrum, medial to the psoas major muscle.

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