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Laboratory 35. Anterior Abdominal Wall
Step 3. Layers of the Superficial Fascia

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Make incisions through the superficial fascia at similar locations to those in the skin and reflect superficial fascia laterally . Superficial fascia is composed of two layers, the fatty outer layer, known as Camper's fascia, and the more membranous inner layer, the Scarpa's fascia, (Figure 35.3). These parts of the superficial fascia are most prominent in the lower aspect of the abdominal wall below the level of the umbilicus. Camper's fascia is continuous inferiorly with the superficial fascia of the thigh. Medial and inferior to the pubic tubercle, in the male cadaver, the Camper's fascia changes as it continues over the scrotum and forms dartos tunic. This layer is highly infiltrated by elastic and smooth muscle fibers and contains a minimal amount of fat. Scarpa's fascia ends inferior to the inguinal ligament fusing with the fascia lata of the thigh. In the midline, just superior to the penis, Scarpa's fascia contributes to formation of the fundiform ligament of the penis. As Scarpa's fascia continues posteriorly onto the perineum, it is called Colles' fascia.

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