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Laboratory 31. Pharynx
Step 12. Interior of the Pharynx, Posterior View

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Make a longitudinal incision along the pharyngeal raphe, extending from the level of the esophagus (C6) to the base of the skull . Reflect the pharyngeal walls laterally as illustrated in Figure 31.3 and examine the internal aspect of the pharynx.

Identify the three regions of the pharynx:

  • nasopharynx, the region above the level of the soft palate
  • oropharynx, the region between the soft palate and the epiglottis
  • laryngopharynx, the region between the epiglottis and the esophagus.

Next, bisect the skull with a saw and separate each bisected specimen (Refer to Figure 31.1). The cut should extend through the hard and soft palate and occipital bone. The tongue and mandible should not be bisected at this time.

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