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Laboratory 31. Pharynx
Step 7. The Sympathetic Trunk and Cervical Ganglia

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Examine the ganglia of the cervical portion of the sympathetic trunk. These are the superior cervical ganglion [ beneath upper probe], middle cervical ganglion [inferior to the lower probe], and inferior cervical ganglion.

The superior cervical ganglion [anterior view], the largest one, is located at the level between the second and the fourth cervical vertebrae. The middle cervical ganglion lies at the level of the sixth cervical vertebra, but is much smaller and more difficult to locate. The inferior cervical ganglion lies anterior to the seventh cervical vertebra and is often fused with the first thoracic ganglion to form a star-shape enlargement called the stellate ganglion. The stellate ganglion is found just anterior and superior to the neck of the first rib.

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