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Laboratory 27. Infratemporal Fossa
Step 9. The Inferior Alveolar Nerve and the Vessels

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Remove the angle of the mandible using the Stryker saw or bone pliers to cut it in small pieces. This exposes the nerve to the mylohyoid muscle . Trace this nerve proximally to the point where it arises from the inferior alveolar nerve.

Also identify the inferior alveolar artery and vein which accompany the inferior alveolar nerve into the mandibular foramen.

Note that the nerve to the mylohyoid not only innervates the mylohyoid muscle, but also gives a branch to the anterior belly of the digastric muscle.

Use a bone chisel to chip away the bone along the course of the mandibular canal through the body of the mandible. Follow the course of the inferior alveolar nerve, artery, and vein [frontal section] to the point where their terminal branches emerge from the mental foramen as the mental nerve, artery, and vein.

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