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Laboratory 20. Heart
Step 11. Cardiac Veins

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The major cardiac veins can be found accompanying major branches of the coronary arteries within the sulci of the heart. Running with the left anterior descending artery in the anterior interventricular groove, identify the great cardiac vein. The great cardiac vein becomes continuous with the coronary sinus [cross-section] which is located in the coronary sulcus. The coronary sinus is the largest venous channel of the heart into which the major veins of the heart empty. Next, identify the middle cardiac vein, which travels with the posterior interventricular artery in the posterior interventricular groove. This vein empties into the coronary sinus.

Attempt to identify the small cardiac vein which runs along the margin of the heart with the marginal branch of the right coronary artery. Finally, identify the anterior cardiac veins [orientation of the heart was changed]. They do not join the coronary sinus but empty directly into the right atrium.

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