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Laboratory 12. Anterior and Medial Thigh Region
Step 8. Structures of the Adductor Canal

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Study the anatomical relationship of the femoral vessels within the adductor canal and identify the saphenous nerve. The femoral vein [probe] lies posterior to the femoral artery [retractor]. The relative position of the vein and artery is a constant relationship from the apex of the femoral triangle and throughout the adductor canal. As these vessels pass through the adductor hiatus, their names change to the popliteal vein and artery, respectively.

The saphenous nerve is a branch of the femoral nerve. The saphenous nerve accompanies the femoral artery and vein in the adductor canal, but it does not pass through the adductor hiatus. Instead, on the medial side of the knee, the saphenous nerve [probe ] passes anterior to the tendon of adductor magnus muscle and pierces the deep fascia between the tendons of the sartorius muscle and gracilis muscle.

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