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Laboratory 36. Inguinal Region, Scrotum and Testes
Step 5. Skin Incisions of the Scrotum

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In the male cadaver, examine the scrotum [another cadaver] which is a pouch of the skin of the perineum and anterior abdominal wall. In the midline identify the raphe scrotum, the embryological remnant of the line of fusion of the two fetal labioscrotal folds. The scrotum is partitioned into two compartments by the median scrotal septum which lies in the midsagittal plane. Each scrotal compartment contains the testis, the epididymis and the scrotal portion of the spermatic cord. On each side of the scrotum, make a vertical incision from the superficial inguinal ring to the inferior aspect of the scrotal sac (Figure 36.4).

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