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Project Description

G.S. Frick, J. Kubie, G. Conyers and Brett Laurance.
Program in Neural & Behavioral Science,
State University of New York
Downstate Medical Center,
Brooklyn, NY 11230



The QTVR Brain Project was supported by a grant from SUNY Downstate Medical Center's Scientific and Academic Computing Center.


This project was designed to take advantage of the latest cutting-edge virtual reality technology developed by Apple Computer Inc. By making available QuickTime Virtual Reality Human Brains, we are making teaching material available to students who might not otherwise have access to real human tissue for study purposes.

Although many atlases provide excellent photographs of dissected brains, the 2-dimensionality of those images makes it difficult for students to extrapolate 3-dimensions if they don't have access to an actual dissected specimen. The VR Brains you are viewing are designed to make the student feel as if they were actually holding a dissected specimen in front of them.

Technical Information


QuickTime VR Authoring Studio, Apple Computer Inc.


Computer: PowerComputing PowerCenter 150, 32Mb RAM, miroMOTION DC20 PtV video capture card

Camera: JVC camcorder (Model GRAX7U)

Object Rig: Kaidan Magellan 1000, black photographic backdrop

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