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Lateral Ventricle Dissection

We begin this dissection with an intact brain (Note: the fourth ventricle dissection will pick up where this dissection ends). First a horizontal cut is made to a point just above the corpus callosum. This should just bring one or both lateral ventricles into view at their most superior location.

Lateral Ventricle Animation 1

The lateral ventricles are carved out anterior to posterior in a shape that roughly approximates their extent. Then a cut is made down into the temporal lobe to expose the collateral trigone and the inferior (or temporal) and posterior (or occipital) horns of the lateral ventricle.

Lateral Ventricle Animation 2

The dissection is extended farther down into the inferior horn of the lateral ventricle where the hippocampus can be seen bulging into ventricular space. The amygdala can be seen anterior to the pes of the hippocampus.

Lateral Ventricle Animation 3

In this last segment, the corpus callosum, septum pellucidum and fornix are cut at an angle roughly perpendicular to their axis and pulled back to reveal the diencephalon and the entrance into the third ventricle.

Lateral Ventricle Animation 4


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