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Brainstem & Fourth Ventricle Dissection

We begin this dissection where we left off from the lateral ventricle dissection. The identical dissection is completed on the opposite side of the brain. The next step is to detatch the hindbrain from the forebrain. A section of the fornix, septum pellucidum and corpus callosum has already been removed. Cutting through the temporal poles bilaterally detatches the remaining connections of the hindbrain from the forebrain. Pulling back on the fornix, you can see how the forebrain easily detatches from the hindbrain.

Brainstem Dissection Movie 1

We are now left with the cerebellum attached to the brainstem. We must remove the cerebellum by severing its connections at the pontine level.

Brainstem Dissection Movie 2

Slicing through the inferior, superior and middle cerebellar peduncles, the floor of the fourth ventricle is revealed. Here we can see the midbrain tectum with the superior and inferior colliculi as well as the fourth ventricle with the cerebellum removed.

Brainstem Dissection Movie 3


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