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13. Abdominal aortogram, AP projection

For this study the catheter was introduced into the right femoral artery, and its tip was advanced into the proximal abdominal aorta prior to injecting the contrast agent.

The abdominal aorta is retroperitoneal. It pierces the diaphragm at the level of T12 and descends to the left of the midline to the level of L4, where it bifurcates into the common iliac arteries. In the midline the aorta gives rise to the celiac trunk at the T12-L1 level, the superior mesenteric artery at L1, the inferior mesenteric artery at L3, and the median sacral artery at its bifurcation (the last two not visualized on this image). The renal arteries arise from each side of the aorta at the level of L1-L2. The inferior phrenic, middle adrenal, and lumbar arteries also branch off from each side of the abdominal aorta, but are not visualized here.