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Laboratory 42. The Male Perineum and the Penis
Step 10. Skin Incisions of the Male Perineum

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In the urogenital triangle, identify the scrotum. The contents of the scrotum have already been dissected ( see Laboratory Thirty-Six). The skin of the scrotum is a counterpart of the labia majora in the female. On the ventral surface identify the raphe of the penis, which is also the embryological site of the fusion of the urethral folds. Posterior to the scrotum in the anal triangle, identify the anus.

Make two skin incisions: one in the midline from the base of the scrotum around the anus to the coccyx, and another horizontally between the ischial tuberosities (Figure 42.2). The skin of the anal triangle should be reflected inferiorly and laterally , however, the skin may have already been reflected
during the dissection of the gluteal region. Reflect the skin superiorly and laterally from the urogenital triangle to study the structures that lie in the superficial perineal pouch.

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