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Laboratory 34. Oral Cavity
Step 5. Muscles of the Floor of the Mouth

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Identify the mylohyoid muscle [frontal section, sagittal section] that forms the floor of the oral cavity. The mylohyoid muscle arises along the entire length of the mylohyoid line of the mandible. Its fibers run anteroinferiorly and cross at a right angle to the anterior belly of digastric muscle to insert into the hyoid bone. Fibers of the mylohyoid muscle meet at a mid-line raphe which runs from the mental symphysis to the body of the hyoid bone.

Identify the geniohyoid muscle [sagittal section ] which arises from the inferior mental spine behind the mental symphysis. The geniohyoid muscle lies on the superior surface of the mylohyoid muscle, and inserts to the hyoid bone.

Superficial to the mylohyoid muscle,
identify the anterior belly of the digastric muscle [sagittal section ].

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