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Laboratory 28. Cranial Fossae
Step 4. The Arachnoid Mater and Pia Mater, and Associated Spaces

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Open the dura mater. First, make bilateral incisions in the dura mater approximately 1 cm lateral and parallel to the superior sagittal sinus. Beginning at the posterior edges of the first incisions, extend the cuts laterally . Reflect the dural flaps laterally . Deep to the dura mater, identify the arachnoid mater [held by forceps, in different dissection]. The space between the arachnoid and dura mater is the subdural space [cross-section]. Open and reflect the arachnoid mater. Identify the pia mater which lies directly on the surface of the brain and follows all of its contours. The space between the arachnoid and pia mater is the subarachnoid space, which contains
the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

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