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Laboratory 28. Cranial Fossae
Step 2. Removal of the Calvaria

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Mark a line which encircles the skull. It should be approximately one cm above the supraorbital notch and one inch above the external occipital protuberance. Using a Stryker saw, cut through the skull along this line . Take care to avoid cutting too deeply in order not to damage the brain and its coverings, the meninges. Use a chisel, and hammer, if necessary, to break through the inner lamina of the calvaria.

Detach the calvaria from the dura mater using your fingers or a blunt instrument, and remove the calvaria . Examine the three layers of the bone of the calvaria: the outer lamina, inner lamina, and diploe. Observe that the outer and inner laminae are dense and are composed of compact bone, whereas the diploe, which lies between the two dense layers, is spongy bone.

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