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Laboratory 19. Pleural Cavities and Lungs
Step 5. The Right and Left Lungs in situ

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Examine the right lung and left lung in situ.

The right lung has three lobes: an upper lobe, a middle lobe, and a lower lobe. An oblique (major) fissure separates the upper and middle lobes from the lower lobe. The upper lobe is separated from the middle lobe by the horizontal (minor) fissure.

The left lung has two lobes: an upper lobe and a lower lobe. The upper lobe and the lower lobe are separated from each other by the oblique (major) fissure.

The surfaces of the lungs are given regional names that identify the adjacent structures. Identify the costal surface, the diaphragmatic surface, the mediastinal surface, and the apex of each lung. Between the fissures, examine the interlobar surfaces of the lungs.

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