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Laboratory 16. The Foot
Step 1. Nerves and Vessels of the Dorsum of the Foot

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Steps 1 and 2; dissection of the dorsum of the foot (Figure 16.3).

Before proceeding with the identification of the muscles and tendons located on the dorsum of the foot, review the cutaneous nerves and arteries. These include:

  • deep peroneal nerve, cutaneous branches [two probes] which supplies the skin between the great toe and the adjacent toe
  • superficial peroneal nerve, cutaneous branches that supply the skin of the dorsum of the foot and toes, except the region supplied by the deep peroneal n.
  • dorsalis pedis artery, which travels with the deep peroneal nerve and is the continuation of the anterior tibial artery onto the dorsum of the foot

The major branches of the sorsalis pedis artery are the arcuate artery, which gives branches to the toes, and the deep plantar artery, which passes between the first and second toes to reach the sole of the foot.

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