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Laboratory 12. Anterior and Medial Thigh Region
Step 4. Contents of the Femoral Sheath

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Inspect the medial compartment of the femoral sheath, which is also called the femoral canal. Place a probe in the femoral canal and note the boundaries. The femoral sheath forms the anterior, posterior and medial borders of the femoral canal. The femoral vein forms its lateral border. The inguinal ligament is located at the superior border of this compartment. The opening into the femoral canal is called the femoral ring. This opening is bordered anteriorly by the inguinal ligament, posteriorly by superior pubic ramus, laterally by the femoral vein, and medially by the lateral border of the lacunar ligament.

Note: A helpful mnemonic to remember the relative position of these structures as they cross the inguinal ligament, is the word "NAVEL." The structures located from lateral to medial are in the sequence: femoral Nerve, femoral Artery, femoral Vein, "empty space" with the lymphatics, and the Lacunar ligament.

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