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Laboratory 10. Joints of the Upper Extremity
Step 4. Elbow joint

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With the elbow flexed, the anterior wall of the articular capsule can be cut with a scalpel and reflected to expose the articular surfaces of the bones. Identify the articular surface of the trochlea, articular surface of the capitulum, coronoid process of the ulna, and articular surface of the head of the radius.

In order to better view the articulations at the elbow, the articular capsule and annular ligament can be cut and reflected. Now, identify the two articulations at the elbow.
  • Humeroradial joint - the head of the radius articulates with the capitulum of humerus.
  • Humeroulnar joint - the trochlear notch of the ulna articulates with the trochlea of humerus.

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