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Laboratory 7. Flexor Region of the Forearm
Step 2. Brachial Artery and its Branches

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Although variable, the level of the branching of the brachial artery usually occurs in the cubital fossa. Clean and identify the two large terminal branches of the brachial artery [held by forceps]. They are the radial artery that passes superficial and toward the radial side of the forearm, and the ulnar artery that passes deep to the pronator teres muscle and the flexor muscles of the forearm.

As the radial artery is cleaned, attempt to identify the radial recurrent artery [held by upper forceps] which passes laterally and superiorly deep to the extensor muscles. This artery participates in the collateral circulation about the elbow. The radial and ulnar arteries also give a number of muscular branches which supply the tissues of the forearm.

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