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Laboratory 3. Scapular Region
Step 9. Supraspinatus Muscle and Associated Vessels and Nerve

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In order to identify the nerve and blood supply to supraspinatus muscle [a superior view], cut through the supraspinatus muscle and reflect both ends toward their attachments. Clean the vessels and nerves which lie deep to the muscle. Identify the suprascapular artery and suprascapular nerve. The suprascapular artery and nerve are separated from each other by the superior transverse scapular (suprascapular) ligament. This ligament is located on the superior border of the scapula just medial to the base of the coracoid process. It spans across the suprascapular notch. Observe that the nerve and artery enter the supraspinous fossa separately. The suprascapular artery, a branch of the thyrocervical trunk [to be dissected in a later exercise] passes superior to the ligament. The suprascapular nerve passes through the scapular notch deep to the suprascapular ligament.

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